J.McLaughlin Opens in Larchmont

In 1977, J.McLaughlin originated as a small storefront that would sell classic clothing with current relevance. Since these humble beginnings, they have opened over 100 branches across the globe, including a store in Larchmont.

Nymag.com describes JMclaughlin clothing as “preppy and playful attire.” Once I entered the store, I couldn’t agree more. It felt warm inside from the fluorescent lights and colorful scenery; in my muted outfit I felt dreary compared to the brightness of my surroundings. Walking through the store, I found the softest shirts draped over the oak-colored hangers. An array of turtlenecks, baggy sweaters with oversized buttons and flannels greeted me in their Fall section.

Adjacent to the fall section there was a shelf covered in woven scarfs. Some of these scarfs sported bright colors coated with intricate detailed designs, while others were simple and classic with only a couple stripes around the end.

Aside from women’s clothing, the store carries a rainbow arrangement of ties, socks and business shirts. Some of the socks had fun, quirky designs such as red convertibles, grey sharks and beagle dogs. Atop the towering shelves of men’s business shirts sat giant duffle bags. These duffle bags have two red or blue stripes down the side and are large enough to fit a laptop, gym clothes, swimwear and anything else without fear of wear and tear. I especially liked the leather straps -which come in beige or blackthat were smooth to the touch.

Store manager Andrea Cain answered a few questions about how her business was faring and the brand itself. When asked how the store has been doing so far, she responded, “Everyone has been so welcoming. It has been wonderful. Lots of people stopping in to say welcome to the neighborhood and how happy they are to have us. People have been super friendly and nice. We are loving it.”

She continued to respond positively when asked another question about her experience at the store. “I love this store. It is bright and sunny, and I love the community. As a Larchmont resident myself I really appreciate being here.” Andrea Cain answered each question gleefully, reflecting the vibrant decorum of the J.Mclaughlin store. Asked about the brand as a whole, she responded that “being a good neighbor is central to the brand’s approach to business. J.McLaughlin values being a welcome member of the community.”

I hope this store will stay in the Larchmont community for as long as possible. Its opening coincides with the recent closings of Ann Taylor, Wraps, the Larchmont Sports store and the Larchmont Movie Theater, so J.McLaughlin’s arrival has been uplifting. Supporting it with business may cause a ripple effect, encouraging other stores to move in, so stop by to get some great clothing and improve our town.

By Gabby Tucciarone


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