Best Senior Facebook Names

The Mons get together for a group picture.

Like clockwork, the arrival of September launches the time-honored tradition of seniors choosing their new Facebook names. It is rumored that this tradition of changing one’s real account name into some kind of label or pun all started so that college admissions officers wouldn’t be able to look at seniors’ profiles and determine their eligibility for the school based on the pictures they had posted. Regardless of whether this is true, it has become a fun and perfect way to jump into senior year for many students. We decided to give some of the standout names some credit!

Best group names:

Stu Mon, Bert Mon, Al Mon and Tru Mon Stuart Williamson, Albert Arana, Alex Alma and Truman Devitt

Kourtney KardaShen, Khloe KardaShen and Kim Kardashen Kevin Shen, Julia Shen and Emily Shen


SeSammie Chick-n Sammie Miyashita

WhoLivs Inapineapple Underthesea Olivia Jarret

Dab on Em Emily Engel

Renning Thru TheSix Emily Renner

Most Creative:

EstebanJuliaRicardomontoyadelarosaramirez Julia Steinberg

Chip SkyMark Mark Adamo 

Chip SkyMark poses for the paparazzi

You’reA-disGracetothisfamily Grace Dunleavy

Sark Adamo Sam Sarkozi

Most Punny:

We’reThe Millers Sophie Miller

ChipsAnd GuacaMollin Jack Mollin

Damn Danehy Paige Danehy

By Hanna Young


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