New Teachers Join MHS

Lauren Onorato


This year, Lauren Onorato, a graduate of Holy Cross and Fordham University, will be the newest addition to the MHS special education department. She originally worked in magazine publishing,but wasn’t entirely fulfilled with the occupation. Onorato then decided to follow her passion and become a teacher because she loved learning and wanted to spread that love to students, especially ones that did not necessarily feel the same way about school. She previously taught at Yonkers High School and Patricia A. Dichiaro Elementary School. Her favorite hobby is reading, and her favorite food is pizza. Ms. Onorato teaches special education and is most excited to be a part of the welcoming Mamaroneck High School staff.

David Brown


Mr. Brown has taught English in South Africa and as a second language in the Bronx. Many of the students he taught were new arrivals to the country. Mr. Brown found it was inspiring and a privilege to be a part of helping these students. After becoming a swim coach and realizing that passing on information to others was quite rewarding, Mr. Brown decided to become a teacher. He studied at the University of Michigan and the City College of New York. Mr. Brown likes to spend time with his kids and wife. This year he is teaching English and is most excited about working in a passionate atmosphere with staff members who will challenge him to improve his craft.

Phillip Porzio


Prior to coming to Mamaroneck, Mr. Porzio taught at Townsend Harris High School, one of NYC’s specialized schools, for 12 years. He knew that he wanted to become a teacher at the age of 16, when he helped teach a few children’s classes in the city. Mr. Porzio attended Binghamton University and majored in Genetics. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading comic books and playing the guitar. This year, Mr. Porzio teaches science and is most excited to learn of the school’s culture, watch MHS info and cheer on the football team.

Shalini Sudarsanan


Mrs. Sudarsanan taught at the Hommocks for the past ten years and is now teaching math here at MHS. She has known that she wanted to be a teacher since kindergarten because her mom was a teacher and she always liked to play pretend “school.” As a teacher, she enjoys that she can help students deepen their understanding of math and make connections in their learning. Mrs. Sudarsanan studied at SUNY Geneseo and then Columbia University to get her teaching degree. She likes to run, bike and garden in her free time, and her favorite food is any type of dessert. Mrs. Sudarsanan teaches math and is excited to see familiar faces and catch up with her old students this year.

Daniel Currie


Having taught for 14 years, mainly for charter schools, Mr. Currie will now teach in APPLE and is very excited to learn from everyone at MHS this year. He knew that he wanted to become a teacher in his early 20s while doing office work in the Financial District, as he believes it is important to give back to society and teaching is a fun way to do this. Mr. Currie attended Binghamton University and majored in history. In his free time he likes to collect records, read to his daughter and watch the New York Jets.

Look for more teacher features of more new staff in future Globe issues


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