Twenty One Pilots “Ride” Into the Spotlight

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The summer’s hottest band

Over the last few months the band Twenty One Pilots has appeared on the radio regularly for the first time. This band did not become famous overnight. Tyler Joseph, vocalist and keyboardist, and Josh Dun, drummer, formed the band in 2009 in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. They started out by playing shows anywhere they could, like outside of their town’s Chick-Fil-A and anywhere else they could be in front of their fans. After years of persistence, gaining recognition from doing things like performing at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, they are finally getting their break.

Twenty One Pilots’ most popular song, titled “Stressed Out,” from their album Blurryface, was played on the top 40 radio stations on November 10. The song quickly made its way to #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The hit is still being played on the radio today. Since the band has gained so much popularity from “Stressed Out,” another one of their songs, “Ride,” which is from the same album, has made an appearance on national radio. Since its debut on April 2 “Ride” has continued to populate the airwaves, along with “Stressed Out.” Having two songs playing on the radio at the same time is a testament to Twenty One Pilots’ newfound success, showing their progress as a band. In addition to their success on the radio, Twenty One Pilots will be going on their second Blurryface tour this summer, and another tour in 2017. The band is only increasing in popularity, which leads us to believe there will be more of their songs featured on the radio this summer.

By Mary McMillan


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