Outgoing Editors-inChief Reflect on Globe Careers and Prepare for Future

Photo by Emily Renner

The 2015-2016 Globe staff was lucky enough to be advised and guided by three wonderful Editors in Chief, Andrew Ballard, Steven Rome, and Hannah Lachow, who dedicated their time and effort to generate countless issues of the Globe. The Globe family can’t thank you enough.

Andrew Ballard will be attending Yale University in the fall. As of now, he wants to double major in both English and astronomy, which, despite their standing at almost polar opposites of the academic spectrum, are the subjects that inspire him the most. Ballard hopes to explore these majors, as well as other fields, to find something that excites him.

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Photo courtesy of Andrew Ballard

As a freshman, Andy thought it was cool that the high school had its own newspaper, and had an urge to be a part of it. He didn’t act on the thought immediately- which is one of his biggest regrets. At the beginning of his Sophomore year, Ballard’s English teacher spoke briefly about the Globe and encouraged people to join. After that, his Globe career began. His sophomore year Ballard wrote for every issue of the Globe as an off-staff writer. Starting his junior year Ballard was on-staff, first as an assistant news editor, then head news editor that winter. As a senior Ballard became an Editor-In-Chief.

Attending the journalism conferences at Columbia, interviewing many interesting people and late nights formatting with Steven, Hannah, Mr. Bosch and Mr. Goldberg are some of Andy’s fondest Globe memories. Ballard also enjoyed the atmosphere of the Globe, which he claims you can’t find in other places. According to Ballard, it’s an energy that brings people with all different talents together to work towards a common goal and create a respectable publication. “It’s remarkable,” he says, “that the energy is not competitive or demanding but rather collaborative and friendly.” Ballard credits this atmosphere for making the paper thrive. Aside from the Globe, Ballard ran for the Mamaroneck cross country and track teams. He also plays the viola, participating in the Symphony, Chamber, and All-State orchestras during his high school career.

Like Ballard, Steven Rome will also be attending Yale University in the fall. Although he is

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Photo courtesy of Steven Rome

not positive on what he wants to major in, it will most likely be in the humanities—English, history, or maybe political science.

Rome’s involvement with the Globe started his freshman year, when he wrote for the paper. As a sophomore Rome was a news editor, and as a junior and senior he was an Editor-in-Chief.


Rome is proud of of what he, Hannah and Andy have achieved as Editors-in-Chief. When his Globe career began, there were few cartoons in the paper; now almost every op-Ed has a beautiful cartoon. The paper has grown too, increasing from eight to twelve pages to consistently being 16-20 pages, and even 24 pages once. The staff has grown as well. Rome is also proud of the Globe finally receiving its own office space, which will be filled with furniture and computers paid for by a grant that the Globe received with the help of Mr. Bosch and Mr. Goldberg. Rome is excited to see how the space is used in the future.

Working with the talented, smart, and funny trio of Rebecca Julie, Andy Ballard and Hannah Lachow, getting to spend so much time with Mr. Bosch, Mr. Goldberg and Ms. Zujko, watching Mr. Bosch juggle, visiting the New York Times with the seniors, the annual Columbia conference and successful lobbying for the Globe’s own room are some of Rome’s favorite Globe memories. Working on the Globe has undoubtedly been one of Rome’s favorite parts of high school.

Last but not least, Hannah Lachow will be attending Northwestern University in the fall. As of now her major is undecided, but she is interested in journalism, political science,

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Photo courtesy of Hannah Lachow

math, and education policy.

As a freshman, Lachow started writing for the Globe because she liked to write and wanted to get involved. She then joined the Globe staff as a sophomore as an an assistant news editor. Her junior year she became the head op-Ed editor, and as a senior Lachow was named as one of the Editor-in-Chiefs.

One thing Lachow loved about the Globe was really getting to know everyone in her grade who was on the staff—a lot of really smart kids who were passionate about what they were doing, which according to Lachow is awesome and sometimes hard to come by in high school. Staying late to finalize every issue with Ballard and Rome, all of them super-stressed, exhausted and hungry, is a Globe memory that Lachow will always remember. Outside of the Globe she was involved in Calliope, in which she attended meetings and wrote for the publication, and PACE, where she enjoyed the dance program.

Steven Rome, Andy Ballard and Hannah Lachow have forever changed the Globe, upping the standard of what the paper can be and even obtaining an office. We wish them luck in college next year, and in all of their other future endeavors.

By Camryn Cohen


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