Farewell Globe Seniors

Thank you to all of the graduating Globe staff for making this year possible!

Lauren Chapey

Lauren Chapey has been heavily involved with the Globe throughout her years at Mamaroneck High School. She started out as an assistant arts and leisure editor in her sophomore year, moving up to sports editor in her junior year, and business editor this school year. Her favorite Globe memory was writing the 2015 April fools edition with Caroline Weisstuch ‘15 and Louise Olson ‘15. She recalled “dying laughing at all their stupid jokes and crazy pictures of teachers and their look alikes.” Chapey’s favorite article she wrote was one featuring the girls soccer team. It was her favorite because she enjoyed her friends’ excitement at being featured. Chapey will be entering Yale University in the fall, where she hopes to study some sort of engineering, but she is interested in many subjects, so as she stated, “Who knows?”

Lizzie Clarke

Lizzie Clarke wrote many articles for the Globe during her freshman and sophomore years. Her junior year she joined the Globe staff as an assistant features editor, becoming head editor of features her senior year. Clarke’s favorite Globe memory was “going to Columbia and learning so many new skills to apply to the paper.” Her favorite Globe article that she wrote was about the school’s secret bomb shelter because she enjoyed learning more about the school’s history. Clarke will be going to Hamilton College and is undecided on her major.

Alex Corbin

Alex Corbin started with the Globe her freshman year as a writer; she continued on to become the assisstant feautures editor, the head features editor, and this year one of the managing editors. Corbin enjoyed all of her years on the Globe; her favorite part was writing a Snapchat April Fool’s Day article, and working alongside Liv Golden and Hannah Lachow. Corbin will be going on to study at the engineering school at Cornell University but is undecided with her major.

Eli Cousin

Eli Cousin was on the Globe for two years, and had a wide variety of positions. Cousin was the assistant student views editor, the assistant sports editor, the head sports editor, and the editorial director with sports oversight. Cousin enjoyed many memories on the Globe, most importantly working alongside his good friend Steven Rome. Cousin’s favorite article that he wrote was his editorial article on combatting islamaphobia. Next year Cousin will be heading off to Colgate University where he will major in political science.

Liv Golden

Liv Golden has spent her time on many different sections on the Globe staff. She started as an assisstant news editor her sophomore year, later becoming the head features editor her junior year, and the editorial director this year. Golden had a wide variety of Globe experiences that she enjoyed, including traveling to the New York Times office with the other senior Globe staff, writing an op-ed article on Halloween costumes, writing the April Fool’s issue, and getting selfies of MHS staff members with Alex Corbin. Golden will be attending Vanderbilt University in the fall, where she plans on majoring in human and organizational development.

Avi Goldstein

Avi Goldstein began her Globe career as a freshman. Last year she was the Globe’s anonymous advice columnist, and this year she was a humor editor. Her favorite part of being a staff member of the Globe was getting to read through the article once it had been published and seeing how successfully it all came together. Goldstein’s favorite article that she wrote for the Globe was about teacher senior names. She is going to Northwestern University in the fall where she hopes to study radio, television, and film.

Katherine Heaney

Katherine Heaney started writing for the Globe her sophomore year. As a junior she served on the Globe staff as head news editor. Heaney reminisced about all of the lessons she has learned while on the Globe staff, “I’ve loved being a part of the staff, both to write and edit articles, as well as a way to stay up to date on school and community events. I’ve loved writing articles wher I can interview my teachers and peers, people I may not have talked to otherwise. I’ve learned new things about activites and classes I’m not involved in.” Next year Heaney will be attending Cornell University, where she will major in industrial and labor relations.

Noah Horowitz

Noah Horowitz worked as an assistant sports editor, then a news editor. His favorite memory was his first experience formatting an article. He expressed, “I remember the feeling of accomplishment when the whole school reads your work.” Horowitz’s favorite article that he wrote was for his humor section. The article was titled, “How Not To Peak Your Freshman Year,” featuring Will Bodkin. He will be attending Johns Hopkins University in the fall where he hopes to major in economics.

Phillip Jaffe

Phillip Jaffe joined the Globe his senior year. In his short but sweet time on the Globe staff, he worked as a copy editor. He didn’t write articles; instead he looked over and corrected other peoples’ work. His favorite memory, according to him, his “peak,” was finding a factual error in one of Steven Rome’s articles. Jaffe will be attending Rice University in the fall where he hopes to study engineering and/or applied math.

Hannah Kahn

Hannah Kahn started her Globe career as an active writer freshman year, and held many positions such as photographer, head of op-ed, and managing editor with an oversight in op-ed. Her favorite article she wrote for the Globe was called “The Real Housewives of the G.O.P.”, which discussed the Republican presidential debates along with the Real Housewives reunion episodes. Her favorite Globe memory was during her first year on staff during the formatting session when she saw some upperclassmen discussing political climate, dancing to Bruno Mars, and eating brownies all at once. Kahn claims that this captures the essence of the Globe: where very smart and passionate people come together and make something great. She will be attending Tufts University in the fall and plans on majoring in English.

Talia Land

Talia Land wrote for the Globe all throughout high school; as a sophomore and junior she was an assistant features editor, and head of sports in her senior year. Her favorite Globe memory was going to the New York Times offices with the Globe seniors this year. Land remembers writing a features article on Thanksgiving traditions, which was a fun way to learn more about her peers. Land is going to Amherst College next year and is interested in possibly majoring in Political Science. She explains, “The Globe has given me amazing friendships and also inspired a love for journalism that I know I will have for years to come.”

Eli Lederman

Eli Lederman joined the Globe bandwagon a bit late, for his senior year, but still shared in on all the fun. He held the position of assistant sports editor, and most enjoyed writing an article about Kobe Bryant’s retirement. His favorite Globe memory was attending the Columbia scholastic convention this past year. Next year, he will be attending the journalism school of the University of Missouri, a decision likely influenced by all of the people who made his experience on the Globe as special as it was. According to Lederman, “Without them, it would not have been the same.”

Matt Mason

Matt Mason greatly contributed to the sports section during his time on the Globe; as a junior he was an assistant sports editor, and became head sports editor as a senior. Seeing the staff ’s hard work pay off when each issue came out was Mason’s most fond Globe memory. Next year Mason will continue his education at the University of Michigan, and although he’s currently undecided, he is interested in studying economics and business.

Hector McKemey

Hector McKemey was a humor editor for this year. His favorite Globe memories were visiting Columbia University and the late night formatting sessions. McKemey’s favorite article that he wrote for the Globe was a poem in iambic pentameter about FIFA corruption. He will be going to University of St. Andrew’s in the fall and will be majoring in Modern History and International Relations.

Siri Nadler

Siri Nadler held many different positions on the Globe staff. She was a photographer, a news editor, and then one of four managing editors during her senior year. Her favorite article she wrote for the Globe was about Elizabeth Kolbert’s research and environmental work, succeeding her visit to MHS. Nadler will be attending George Washington University in the fall and plans on majoring in environmental science.

Jimmy Quinn

Jimmy Quinn has been writing op-eds for the Globe since the end of his sophomore year. Though Quinn was only involved with the paper through half of his high school career, he gained plenty of recognition for his pointed opinion pieces on politics and world events, which he wrote from a more right-leaning perspective unique to the Globe. Quinn became an editor of the opinion section at the end of his junior year, and continued to edit and write throughout his time as a senior. Quinn wishes he had started writing as a freshman, reflecting that “being on the Globe made me a better writer and critical thinker,” and saying that it gave him a platform from which to express and challenge his views. Quinn will be part of a dual-degree program between SciencesPo in France and Columbia University, and he plans on studying political science.

Lazaro Rabanales

Lazaro Rabanales began his Globe career this year as a photographer. He enjoyed taking pictures of sports teams, clubs, and school events. He learned a lot about photography from participating in the Globe. In the fall he will be going to Manhattanville College in Purchase and is planning on majoring in business management.

Ali Steinberg

Ali Steinberg has held many positions on the Globe staff including assistant arts and leisure editor, news editor, and managing editor. The most memorable article she wrote for the Globe was about MHS alumni Dan Futterman and Bennett Miller and their movie “Foxcatcher.” She was able to interview Mr. Futterman personally, which she believes proved that the Globe could connect real news to the MHS community. Her favorite Globe memory was visiting the New York Times and meeting successful and well-known journalists. She will be attending Brown University in the fall and is considering majoring in neuroscience.

Zack Susswein

Zack Susswein joined the Globe in late January after receiving a personal letter sent from the EditorIn-Chiefs. In his short time on the Globe, he made important contributions as a copy editor. Calling opinion editor Jimmy Quinn a “political hack” in a letter to the editor was Susswein’s favorite Globe memory. Accordingly, his favorite article was a point-counterpoint on foreign policy against Quinn. Next year Susswein will be attending Georgetown University; he is unsure of what he will major in.

Gabe Tugendstein

Gabe Tugendstein contributed to the Globe throughout his first three years of high school. As a senior, he became a co-editor for the Globe opinion section. His favorite articles he wrote include “Careless Campaigning,” and “The Death of True Weird.” Gabe couldn’t choose one particular memory out of all of his fond memories of the Globe, but instead stated, “To me, working in the Globe is more about a rewarding total experience, as opposed to individual moments.” Next year he will be attending Rice University. Although he is uncertain of what he will major in, he is positive that it will be science related.


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