The New Insta Aesthetic

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Instagram, the popular photosharing app with over 400 million users worldwide, has come out with another update. Over just six months ago, Instagram went through a major update, but this month it appears the developers have changed the app’s appearance once again.

However, this time the update only tapped the surface, changing just the apperance. While some of the graphics have changed, the core navigation has stayed the same. Instagram has changed its logo to a simpler logo, but this time adding in the element of neon colors. The inside of the app is now black and white. Due to the background colors being simpler, it will no longer compete with all of the different kinds of content being produced on the app daily.

Instagram wasn’t the only app to change the logo; all of its sister apps, such as Boomerang and Layout, also had logo changes.

Before the update, many rumors were floating around that the order in which we see our follower’s posts would change. It seemed like Instagram would be taking Facebook’s approach in the sense that the posts you care about will be shown first. It appears that was not the case with this update, but Instagram has told fans to keep an eye out for this upcoming feature in future updates. Many users don’t realize that Instagram is owned by Facebook (purchased for $1 Billion in 2013), so similar features between the two is most likely to arise due to being owned by the same company.

Although the basis of the app and how the app is used hasn’t changed, many people were still distraught by the news. It evoked all kinds of feelings ranging from joy to annoyance. Freshman Rachel Leva quotes, “The new icon is ugly, but the app is not very different. It feels more modern.” It appears that’s what Ian Spalter, head of Instagram design was going for. In one of his posts, he expressed the look of Instagram before this update wasn’t reflecting the community, so they decided to make it better.

But can changing the looks of an app truly increase the success? The core of the app is still there and the value has not changed. Whether people love or hate the update, only time will tell what the effects will be.

By Hanna Young


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