Second Annual STEM-tastic Saturday Inspires Community

Photos courtesy of Sam Hodman: “Students and parents alike enjoy the assortment of contraptions at this years STEM-tastic Saturday”

Just about two weeks ago, in this very town, an incredible exposition of the sciences and mathematics was held, at which many of our own students were in attendance, one filled with the wonderments of ingenuity and displays of the many innovative technologies of our time. A display open for all to see, once a year, and for a small price, of course: The STEM-tastic Saturday event.

The Hommocks Middle School held the 2016 STEM-tastic Saturday event on May 14. The main event, a Rube Goldberg machine challenge, drew an assortment of contraptions from across the school district, with MHS presenting the largest and most complex of the machines. “It was a bit of a collaboration between robotics and engineering,” said Mr. James Love, who teaches both of those subjects here at MHS. “I thought it would be cool to get a more focused effort and do it [the challenge] with more people.” The machine incorporated robotic elements as well as those pScreen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.38.11 PMowered by only inertia, and was worked on at the high school by several students from the robotics and engineering electives. The machine was too large to fit into the trunk of a car, so it had to be wheeled down Boston Post Road to the middle school.

Taking place around two months after the victory of the MHS Robotics Team at the Riverdale qualifying tournament, the STEM showing was yet another display of the growing technology, computing and science programs in the school district. The Robotics Club from MHS brought along a robotic car for attendees to drive. Attendees could also create their own inertia-powered car and race it against others. There were several other booths as well, with one even offering a demonstration of the history of computing, staffed by one of MHS’s students. When asked about the performance of this year’s MHS challenge creation, Love said that “It worked really well,” and that they planned to participate next year as well. And with students in attendance consistently saying they liked the event, there is sure to be many people there next year to see what scientific wonders MHS creates next.

By Sam Hodman


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