Science Symposium Showcases Students’ Research Accomplishments

Photo courtesy of Guido Garbarino: “The library was crowded with OSR students eager to present their research.”

For years now, the Original Science Research program (OSR) has provided high-school students with a deeper understanding of the research process in different areas of science. The students involved in OSR pursue a science research projects and eventually present their information publicly in their own class, competitions and the annual symposium.

On May 16, Mamaroneck High School held its twenty 21st annual OSR symposium. Sopho- mores, juniors and seniors had the opportunity to share their projects and the work they accomplished. Topics ranged from whether or not happiness and generosity correlate, to age-related differences in economic decision making, to what activities cause the greatest risk of concussions, and much more.

Viewers were able to learn, for example, how physics plays a role in baseball and how it can be used to change the scuffing of a baseball or a possible way to help patients suffering from a stroke develop movement in their upper and lower limbs. Clearly, students worked hard to create engaging, well thought out projects.

This year’s symposium had quite a mix of feelings. The projects were some of the best Mamaroneck has seen, but for many of the seniors, however, some sadness was in the air as this was their last presentation. Of the upcoming graduating class, many viewers were fascinated by their ability to research and how much knowledge is gained when researching a single topic beginning as a freshman. Mia Steinberg ’17 said, “What really caught my eye as I walked from project to project was the clear dedication. Through endless research, you could tell these students knew what they were talking about and how much time was spent on understanding certain studies. For me, I personally related to Danielle [Godick ’16’s] project regarding academic performance and sportsmanship. She did a great job connecting with the audience and presenting her topic.” Certainly the OSR students exhibited intriguing projects and ideas, while also aware of their audience.

As we say goodbye to the OSR seniors, their legacy will not be forgotten. Their hard work, perseverance and determination will be remembered and hopefully be passed down to future OSR students. “The 2016 OSR Graduating Seniors will be greatly missed from our program! They were undoubtedly an intelligent group, one we could all look up to and admire for their impressive work,” Sophia Howard ’17, told The Globe.

By Emma Gottsegen


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