It’s Time for Bernie to Go

As the eventual nominees become more and more obvious, the reality of a Donald Trump presidency becomes less and less comical. Based off our own school-conducted survey, a whopping majority of Mamaroneck High School students are wary of a Trump presidency. Yet, when ardent Bernie fans are confronted with the approaching reality of Hillary’s nomination, the idea of supporting her makes them cringe. Here’s why you Bernie supporters need to suck it up and vote for Clinton.

The stigma around the name “Clinton” is warranted in part but is disproportionately venomous. Using my experience phone banking as a microcosm for the national sentiment, there is a hatred for Hillary that is founded in muddy mix of Sanders and Trump rhetoric, intertwined with some admittedly ugly facts about the Clinton’s past. I was hung up on, cursed out, and downright insulted by strangers, before I even asked for a vote. Has Hillary Clinton gotten herself into more scandals than the ideal presidential candidate? Obviously. But is she our best shot at beating Trump? Absolutely. And it is this very anti-Clinton mentality that could easily catapult Trump to the presidency, ironically at the hands of the most liberal Democrats, if we don’t come out and support her.

Although recent polls show Sanders beating Trump by a larger percentage than Clinton would, Clinton is not going to drop out now, nor should she. Beyond her own personal motivation, she has sturdy following, and a clearer path to the nomination. Sanders’s chance of getting there is slimming each passing primary. His odds are diminished further considering that he needs to win 68% of remaining pledged delegates, and the pivotal state of California has Clinton a good 10 points ahead. Even if Bernie magically gets the nomination, he has not yet been the subject of Donald Trump’s merciless and factless slander. Should Sanders become the nominee, which he won’t, his adorable grandfather schtick will not be charming enough to keep his polls up under the wrath of Trump. That’s why Hillary beats Trump by a smaller margin—she’s been in his line of fire for months—but at least she beats him at all.

Bernie’s message is imperative, and his movement is a revolutionary one. Although I am comforted by Hillary’s experience and ability to work with others, I understand the importance of a Bernie Sanders figure in a modern election. I was lucky enough to be in New Hampshire for the 2016 primary, and luckier still to be on stage for a Bernie rally. I cried when he came on stage, stomped my feet while he spat about Wall Street and squealed to be in a selfie with him. His energy is contagious and his vision for this country is ideal. My point is, this is not an anti-Bernie article. At the end of the day, I do prefer her policies to his, but if he were the nominee, I would work to convert my Hillary supporters over to the Sanders side. The fear of Trump in power would be, for me, more than enough motivation to swallow my pride, trade out my bumper stickers and lawn signs, and vote for Bernie.

Bernie has served a valuable role in this race to push Hillary far left of where she was initially, but he is slowly becoming parasitic to the Democratic Party as a whole. His anti-Hillary arguments aren’t going to win him the nomination, but they do give voters, should they be faced with a Clinton versus Trump race, incentive to stay home on election day. When Sanders drops out–and in my opinion, the sooner the better–he needs to wholeheartedly endorse Hillary, and get his voters to make the switch as well.

As of May 23, Clinton’s lead over Trump has shrunk to a mere three points (NBC). Essentially, due to a 3 percent margin of error, the odds for Trump and the odds for Hillary are virtually equal. I’m going to make the bold assumption that many of you would prefer an experienced candidate with levelheaded policy to a raging bigot with a vocabulary of an eight-yearold. With that in mind, I’m begging you—not as a Hillary supporter, and not even as a Democrat, but as a young woman who is genuinely terrified by the brute leadership that Trump would bring—please go out and vote for Hillary. If you have even an ounce of preference for her over him, get out and vote. If you can’t vote, get your friends to vote, or your family, or anyone that doubts the stability of our country in the hands of a triggerhappy Trump. Not voting is the equivalent of not caring who wins, which I don’t believe is the case for many of our readers. No matter how gung-ho you are for Sanders, you can bite the bullet and check a box for Hillary if that means taking down Trump.

By Hannah Kahn

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