Future Business Leaders Leave Victorious from Spring Conference

Photo courtesy of Gillian Sweeney: “Mamaroneck’s FLBA team posed with its trophies at the Rochester conference.”

During the 13th-15th of April, a record number of 57 Mamaroneck High School students represented the MHS chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) at the Spring Leadership Conference (SLC) held in Rochester, New York. The SLC is an event that the Mamaroneck Chapter attends every year, consisting of a wide variety of competitions in which they may qualify for a spot at nationals.

Competitions may be a written exam or presentation where students from MHS are given the opportunity to compete against students from other schools from around the state. In order to prepare, Mamaroneck FBLA students attend weekly club meetings, and practice for their respective events both in school and at home.

This year, at the SLC, Mamaroneck students performed well, winning various top awards. As many as 31 of our students placed in the top five in their respective competitions: Sam Brause, Paul Pedroza, Pablo Garza, Ryan Kliegerman, Jonah Marsh, Chloe Weiser, Phoebe Weiser, Matt Gropper, Ed McGaley, Alex Rothman, Andrew Katz, Angie Kim, Victoria Mondejar, Gloria Urritia, Yi Zhao, Isabel Alvarado, Rena Miller, Matt Tucciarone, Nikita Gavara, Erin Meador, Willie Quinn, Pablo Garza, Julie Stowell, Ryan Huang, Andrew Katz, Jack Phillips, Amanda Lai, Jillian Sweeney, Hannah Siegel, Annie Whittemore and Lauren Pogostin. Many placed in the top three and qualified to attend the National Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia from June 27th-July 3rd. One of the students attending the National conference is Isabel Alvarado (’18). Isabel was chosen to represent New York State as the National Parliamentarian Candidate. Additionally, at the SLC, Sophia Danziger” (’17) ran a successful campaign and was elected as the New York FBLA State President.

The campaign included a speech in front of all 900 attendees, a grueling interview process with the NYS Board of Trustees and Advisory Board, and an entire day of campaigning. In addition to being elected as State President, Sophia was also selected to represent New York State at the National Leadership Conference where she will be running for Eastern Region Vice President. Similar to the State Conference, she will have to endure another interview process, day of campaigning, and give a speech in front of 2,000 people. If elected, Sophia will represent the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maine, Connecticut, Maryland, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Delaware, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and various Foreign Chapters. “As a freshman I saw FBLA as an outstanding opportunity to develop skills not only in high school and college, but also beyond. It is a priviledge that I will be able to serve as the President for New York State, and potentially Vice President for the Eastern Region, and set an example for others who share my passion for FBLA.”

Good luck to Isabel, Sophia and all others who will compete at the National Leadership Conference, and congratulations to all members who competed!

By Sophia Howard


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