A Look into the Class of 2016’s Future

Your Globe guide to where this year’s senior class is headed next year. Continue reading “A Look into the Class of 2016’s Future”


Multitalented Rome and Pollack Thrive Atop Graduating Class

Photo by Rachel Steinberger: “Salutatorian Olivia Pollack and Valedictorian Steven Rome look back”

Valedictorian and salutatorian balance academic excellence with wealth of activities

Valedictorian Steven Rome and Salutatorian Olivia Pollack found success both inside and outside of the classroom during their four years at Mamaroneck High School. Continue reading “Multitalented Rome and Pollack Thrive Atop Graduating Class”

Outgoing Editors-inChief Reflect on Globe Careers and Prepare for Future

Photo by Emily Renner

The 2015-2016 Globe staff was lucky enough to be advised and guided by three wonderful Editors in Chief, Andrew Ballard, Steven Rome, and Hannah Lachow, who dedicated their time and effort to generate countless issues of the Globe. The Globe family can’t thank you enough. Continue reading “Outgoing Editors-inChief Reflect on Globe Careers and Prepare for Future”

The Importance of Safety

Artwork courtesy of Eli Cantor: “MHS students had to sit on the field for multiple hours because of a bomb threat.”

Was the recent evacuation worth the trouble?

On Tuesday, May 24th, MHS students and faculty found themselves settling down onto the turf outside of school unexpectedly around noon. With the announcement that they would have a prolonged stay outside, students grouped themselves into circles and sat down to relax. Continue reading “The Importance of Safety”

Death With Dignity

Terminally ill patients deserve the right to die

Right now, somewhere in our country, there is a woman who’s terminally ill in a place where she cannot die with dignity. She does not want to be the person she is becoming: scared, querulous, self-obsessed, ungiving and cancerous. She already has an imminent death sentence, an impending doom. Continue reading “Death With Dignity”

American Party Breakup

Artwork courtesy of Eli Cantor: “The unity of America’s major political parties has been tested this election cycle”

The modern American political parties aren’t looking too stable nowadays. There is disorder in Washington DC, and the disorder is based in the fall of political unity. There have always been lines cut deep between the Democrats and Republicans, but recently those lines have been even more defined. The forces that tear these parties apart from one another, also divide the party internally. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are in states of internal chaos, for unique and most-likely unresolvable reasons. Continue reading “American Party Breakup”

Filling the Gap: A Year Off

As the 2015-2016 academic year draws to a close, most seniors are eagerly awaiting matriculation this coming September. While most are diligently combing through Facebook for the ideal freshman roommate and meticulously planning their dorm aesthetic, there are a handful of high school graduates who are following a new, trendy endeavor: the gap year. Commonly associated with young adults who have money at their disposal, the gap year between high school and college has undergone societal stigma in the past. Continue reading “Filling the Gap: A Year Off”

We Need More Athletic Options

Recently, there has been talk that MHS might be changing its athletic option policies next year. Athletic option allows juniors and seniors to opt out of taking gym if they participate in a school sport on the varsity level. In order to receive athletic option, they must go to 80% of games/ meets and practices. This system has been great for upperclassmen who are juggling sports, school, and other extracurricular activities. However, for freshmen and sophomores who are varsity athletes, this system has been far from accommodating. Continue reading “We Need More Athletic Options”

Point-Counterpoint: Gym Grant

Artwork courtesy of Eli Cantor: “The $9.3 million bond that includes funds to renovate the physical education facilities has sparked debate”

Gym Grant is Not a Luxury But a Necessity

On January 12, 2016 the Mamaroneck community voted on a $9.3 million bond that included funds for the renovation of the Physical Education facilities. The bond passed with an astounding 87% approval rate, showing that much of the community felt the project was necessary. Continue reading “Point-Counterpoint: Gym Grant”

Senior Portrait Problems

Artwork courtesy of Eli Cantor

High schoolers are constantly evolving. We’re always changing our image, interests, friends and other little things that make us who we are. Most high schoolers wouldn’t even recognize their freshman year selves because of the drastic changes they’ve made to their character throughout high school. When the yearbooks come out and the seniors take a look at their portraits, many of them find their portraits unrecognizable; Continue reading “Senior Portrait Problems”

Lessons from Orlando

The bare minimum the government should do to prevent another mass shooting

On June 12, a gunman opened fire on patrons of Pulse, a popular gay night club in Orlando. Forty-nine people were killed and 50 more were injured, representing the deadliest mass shooting in American history. Continue reading “Lessons from Orlando”

Globe Seniors Tell All

All year long, The Globe has been surveying MHS faculty members on their preferences, peeves, insights and opinions in its monthly feature of “Teachers Tell All.” Now, The Globe turns its attention to its graduating senior staff members who assume the role of their teachers. Continue reading “Globe Seniors Tell All”

Kemper Memorial Contest Awards Four

Photo courtesy of Rachel Steinberger

In 1945, Adolph and Helen Kemper purchased a small piece of land on Mamaroneck High School. On this parcel of land they built the Richard Kemper Memorial Park in honor of their son, who was killed in action at Normandy on August 6, 1944. More than 100 Larchmont and Mamaroneck students fought and died in World War II. Continue reading “Kemper Memorial Contest Awards Four”

Retiring Teachers Leave Their Mark On MHS

All photos courtesy of mamkschools

Ms. HenryScreen Shot 2016-06-20 at 10.35.06 PM

In college, Ms. Henry double majored in Mathematics and Elementary Education. When she was looking for her first job, New York had an extreme shortage of Math and Science teachers. She extended her certification to include teaching Math grades 10-12, in order to accommodate for the lack of jobs in high schools. Continue reading “Retiring Teachers Leave Their Mark On MHS”

Settling the Divide: Bona Fide Chicken, Fried

The Globe’s culinary experts dive into the world of fried chicken

The chicken, fried. Such a simple, yet powerful concept. The Scots first put together the combination in the 5th century, deep frying chicken in lard. Since then, nothing has been the same. People have been born, died, loved, hated, all because of this delicious concoction of chicken, breading and hot fat. Today, Pete & Owen, your ears to the world of cheap food, review the local chicken joints. Continue reading “Settling the Divide: Bona Fide Chicken, Fried”

Under the Radar Artists Rock Governor’s Ball

Gov Ball 2016 was one of the more unique music festivals in Gov Ball’s short history. The Sunday show was controversially cancelled due to weather, although many attendees would say that the weather on Saturday was even worse. However, the quality of the artists was absolutely amazing, with plenty of artists playing fantastic sets. Here’s a recap of some of the best artists that may have gone under the radar. Continue reading “Under the Radar Artists Rock Governor’s Ball”