Westchester Voters Mirror Statewide Result

Typically the presidential campaign is all but resolved by April. In this unusual cycle, however, the races on both sides of the aisle are still competitive, meaning the latervoting states have a much more significant role in deciding the outcome. One such state is New York, which held its primary on April 19. Candidates scheduled numerous events in New York City and even in Westchester as part of their efforts to win over the votes of the Empire State.

In Westchester, former Secretary of State and former New York Senator Hillary Clinton won the vote on the Democratic side, while businessman Donald Trump edged out Ohio Governor John Kasich in the Republican primary.

In recent weeks these candidates, who also won the entirety of New York State, have pulled ahead of their competitors and indicated that they are beginning to pivot toward the general election. However, both Clinton and Trump must continue to perform well in the upcoming primaries in order to lock up their parties’ respective nominations.

By Steven Rome


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