Take the Quiz: What Should You Do This Summer?

Photo courtesy of Hannah Kahn

Trying to decide what to do with your summer? Take the quiz below and find out!

What is your bulletin board filled with?

  • A) Clip outs from magazines of hard working organizations
  • B) Maps and pictures of faraway places you have never been
  • C) Letters and photos of you and your friends

Which of the following statements describe you the most?

  • A) You are incredibly helpful to others
  • B) You need to be constantly moving and doing
  • C) You are all about being a good friend

What is your favorite activity to do on the weekend?

  • A) Activities that you can help out with
  • B) Anything new you haven’t tried
  • C) Spending time with your friends

What is your favorite TV show?

  • A) Fox News
  • B) The Amazing Race
  • C) Friends

What clubs are you a part of ?

  • A) Key Club, Students for Senegal, project Epic
  • B) None, you’re looking for a club that travels to all new places
  • C) You are a part of several clubs that you and your friends all signed up for at the club fair

What do people love about you?

  • A) Your empathy and how much you are willing to give back
  • B) Your constant need for adventure
  • C) Your loyalty

What genre book do you like to read?

  • A) Anything Nonfiction
  • B) Books involving adventure and fantasy
  • C) Realistic Fiction

What accounts do you follow on instagram?

  • A) Accounts like Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity
  • B) Travel bloggers
  • C) All your friends’ accounts and their “finstas”!

Mostly As: You should volunteer! Take a look online and find organizations you can help this summer! Keep an eye out for community events and fundraisers you could help out with! You are already natural at helping out, why not spend the summer benefitting others and doing something you love!

Mostly B’s: You should Travel! Whether it is Africa, California, or somewhere only a couple hours away, you should get out of the roots you are used to! Search up teen tours and ask your parents to sign you up! It seems like it is in your blood to be moving so go out and have an adventure!

Mostly C’s: Hang with your homies! Sometimes the school year can pull you apart from your buds, so take the summer to reunite and hang out! Go to the beach, the amusement park, shopping, whatever you want just make sure it’s with your friends! Summer can be filled with no responsibilities, so spend it making memories with your friends.


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