Softball Off to a Fast Start

Photo courtesy of Haley Weisstuch: “Mia Steinberg sets herself before fielding a ground ball and firing to first base.”

By Emma Gottsegen

Just last year, the Mamaroneck Varsity Softball Team went 6-15. It was not the greatest year for the Tigers, but this year has been a different story. As of April 26, the Tigers had won five games and suffered only one loss.

Composed of members of all four grades, the Girls Varsity Softball team is quite diverse and certainly full of talent. Like any team, each player brings something different to the table.

To some, Mamaroneck Girls Softball has been known as a “less exciting” sport, compared to hockey, lacrosse or soccer. Yet, this year, because of the team dynamic and an impressive start to the season, the “less exciting” sport could produce a season for the books.

Captain Mia Steinberg ’17 says, “If there is one thing about our team that I love, it would definitely be how close we are. This season has been a success so far and we’ve done so well because of all the fun we have. We are working very well together and have truly shown that on the field.” Steinberg discussed how essential a team’s ability to get along with one another, as well as work together are while playing a sport. The team learned that strong chemistry tends to lead to higher achievement. In addition, emphasizing team goals instead of individuality can also lead to better results. The Tigers seem to have absorbed this lesson. As long as they keep cooperating well together, they will keep winning.



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