Rodriguez of Washington Heights School Appointed as New Mamaroneck Assistant Principal

Following the promotion of Michael-Joseph Mercanti-Anthony to Interim Assistant Director of Special Education for the District, the search was on for a new Assistant Principal for Mamaroneck High School.

Principal Elizabeth Clain appointed a committee of faculty, students and parents to be responsible for searching for a candidate they felt best suited for the position and Mamaroneck’s culture. The Committee included Clain, Assistant Principal Mario Washington, Central Elementary School Principal Carol Priore, dance teacher Allison Parsley, Spanish teacher Ana Marina Rua Kahn, Guidance counselor Robert Schwartz, Special Education teacher Ronald Blain, physics teacher Edmundo Nunes, government teacher Joseph Liberti, English teacher James Short, parents Ms. Paras and Ms. Tucker, and students Jefferson Reyes ’18 and Sophia Howard ’17.

The first round of interviews took place in April. Committee members met candidates and asked them questions regarding their experience, beliefs and desire to be the Mamaroneck AP.

After the first round of interviews, the candidates were narrowed down to a select group for a second round. Two days later, more extensive interviews were conducted, allowing committee members to learn more about the potential candidates. After the final interview of the second round, the search committee selected two finalists to be recommended to the Superintendent.

On Wednesday, April 20 it was announced that Jenny Rodriguez would been appointed the New Assistant Principal at Mamaroneck High School. Rodriguez has extensive experience, her most recent position being the instructional leader and the Assistant Principal at the Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS) in New York City. “We’re thrilled to welcome Ms. Rodriguez to the Mamaroneck Schools family,” Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaps said. “Jenny comes to Mamaroneck with more than 20 years as an educator in a variety of settings. The search committee enthusiastically supported Ms. Rodriguez’s appointment, and we are confident she will be a wonderful addition to our administrator staff.”

By Sophia Howard

Photo courtesy of Mamaroneck Schools


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