Ohio Governor John Kasich Stumps at Iona College

Ohio Governor John Kasich brought his message of moderate conservatism to Westchester when he held a Town Hall at Iona College on April 9. At the town hall, he told supporters that he is pinning his hopes on the July convention in order to become the Republican presidential nominee. More than 700 people turned out to hear the candidate speak, cheering at any chance they had and taking advantage of the chance to see their favorite candidate up close.

Kasich introduced himself to the room full of Westchester students, parents, and workers as someone who doesn’t “play politics,” and who comes from a hometown that was filled with “blue-collar, God-fearing conservatives.” Most of his followers find him easy to relate to, and prefer his moderate stances on many issues. Kasich discussed his plans to help drug addicts, assist the mentally disabled and improve the education system.

One of his most respected plans is his economic formula. Kasich said he would reduce regulations for small businesses, cut taxes, and promised to be fiscally responsible. He also made a concerted effort to contrast himself with Republican front-runner Donald Trump by emphasizing how many of his views differed from the leading Republican candidate. The majority of the crowd, clearly in favor of Kasich over Trump, applauded his effort. Kasich is far behind the other candidates, but he still has vowed to stay in the race and spread his message to supporters across the US and hopefully win at a contested convention.

By Owen Zucker

Photo courtesy of Jimmy Quinn


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