Is Junior Prom Really Necessary?

Photo by Hannah Kahn

Junior Prom season has come to a close—the boys have returned their tuxes and the girls have finally hung up their dresses, never to be worn again. But after all the drama and craziness leading up to this big “Bar Mitzvah,” we are left with one question: what’s the point?

The majority of schools around the country do not have a Junior Prom. Junior Prom is more of an overblown school dance that takes some of the spotlight away from its senior counterpart. Senior prom is special for a reason—it’s the last event before graduation that the entire class can participate in together. If there was no prom during junior year, it would emphasize the importance of the senior prom, making it a unique event to look forward to.

Junior prom is not cheap. Mamaroneck’s junior prom required countless school fundraising events and months of planning in order to happen. The cost of the tickets alone was extremely expensive, and this doesn’t even include all of the extra preparations that are needed in order to make prom night “perfect.” The excessive amount of time and money that was used could’ve been put towards something that the student body values way more than junior prom: senior prom. Sometimes, we get too caught up in preparing for junior prom that no money is leftover to pay for senior prom. The main focus should be to make senior prom an unforgettable night; junior prom shouldn’t take priority over that.

Let’s face it: stress is probably the number one word associated with junior year of high school. Challenging classes, standardized testing, extracurriculars, and college visits are just a few of the many activities that crowd the busy schedules of sixteen and seventeen year old students. It’s hard enough to deal with all of these other obligations; adding junior prom on top of that creates a load almost impossible to bear. There’s undeniable pressure associated with finding (or hoping to find) a date, choosing a dress (or a tux), making arrangements for pictures beforehand (and making plans for afterward), not to mention the smaller details of shoes, hair, and bowtie-dress color coordination. It’s a lot to manage—especially in the beginning of April, when APs are right around the corner, the third quarter is coming to a close, and the end of the year frenzy is within view.

While junior prom is fun in the moment, it’s important to step back and look at the bigger picture, which is that it’s not worth all of the time, money, or stress. We should instead focus our energy and excitement on something monumental that will remain in our hearts forever: senior prom.

By Rebecca Novick and Emily Renner


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