Forsman ’16, Varsity Golf’s First Female Player, Follows in Family Footsteps

At the age of six, most kids are learning to read or tie their shoes. Natalie Forsman ’16 was swinging clubs on the driving range. Born into a family of golfers, Forsman inherited a love of the sport.

“It never really occurred to me that golf was a choice; it was just something in the family.” Forsman was coached and encouraged by her Grandpa, who took her out golfing weekly. Eventually, it became a Sunday afternoon ritual. Now, Forsman has taken her talents to the high school, playing as the only girl on the Mamaroneck Varsity Golf Team.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.11.44 PMAlthough she had grown up playing the sport, Forsman didn’t join the golf team right away. Not until Sophomore year did she decide to try out. “I had been on the lacrosse team, but my parents had been bugging me to pick up golf at school instead,” Forsman admitted. “Since they are both spring sports I could only pick one, so finally I agreed to try out [for golf], and I made it!”

Forsman has had an excellent experience on the team, but she conceded that her first year as a tenth grader was a little intimidating, being the only girl on the completely male team, playing a predominately male sport. “I had to adjust to the atmosphere, but now I don’t really notice it,” she said of the team dynamic. Now, this is far from a problem for her. “I am not treated any differently than any of the guys on the team.”

One of these guys on the team is Nolan Forsman, Natalie’s younger brother. Nolan is freshman at Mamaroneck High School, and a key player for the golf team. Most siblings would have difficulty playing on a sports team together, but Nolan and Natalie work well as teammates. “It’s comforting when we are out playing to know that he can give me tips,” she said of her little brother.

The Mamaroneck Varsity Golf Team has been having a great season, thanks largely to the hard work and sportsmanship of the Forsman siblings. We look forward to a great season finish from Natalie, Nolan, and the rest of the golf team.

By Hannah Kahn

Photo courtesy of Natalie Forsman


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