“Fishing Family” Sees Huge Growth in “Offseason” Facebook Group

The Mamaroneck High School Fishing Club (Family) has been a hot topic since the beginning of this school year. President Jack Coyne ’16 has helped grow the club’s membership from a mere 11 members last year to almost as many as 200 students today. This is one of the fastest growing clubs at MHS and the numbers keep growing. EJ Katz ’16, an admin of the club, says that around 25 percent of all boys at MHS are members of the Fishing Club., which is currently the largest club at Mamaroneck High School.

So how exactly did Coyne gain such a following in the past year? Well, although the club is highly dedicated to the sport of fishing, in the off-season the club’s Facebook group is a friendly environment in which club members share jokes and memes and make new friends. Word spread of the group around MHS, and led to the major following it has today. Coyne’s club will forever make history at MHS. Now that the warm weather is here, fishing trips will start up once again, now with more students than ever.

By Liam Katz


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