Computer Science Teams Champion Westchester County Mobile App Contest

While most Mamaroneck High School students spent the afternoon of April 15 checking Instagram and sniping Snapchats, an impressive bunch of A.P. Computer Science students were out developing and presenting their own apps at the Westchester County Mobile App Contest.

The seven teams that participated in the event had spent countless hours both in and out of the classroom to prepare for the contest. This specific contest entailed students creating an app geared towards the elderly, although A.P. Computer Science itself has prepared students to create apps in a multitude of fields. Each team was graded on creativity, functionality, and usage.

Three of the seven MHS teams that competed came out with notable awards. Among the over 50 teams from the tri-state area that competed, MHS’s “OXD4853” team won third place in the functionality category, “Oceans7” won third in creativity and “The Rock Club” won the grand prize.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 6.19.54 PM.png
Sam Blumberg ‘16 takes home the grand prize trophy for “Touch Here,” his team’s app.

“The Rock Club,” comprised of Alex Ewald ’16, Sam Blumberg ’16, Max Bobby ’18, Pablo Garza ’18, Paul Pedrozo ’18 and Sam Brause ’18, was awarded top scores in the areas of creativity, functionality and usage. Their app, “Touch Here” is geared at informing the aging population on how to productively use technology. It aids users in using apps and solving common issues with their phones. Blumberg, who is planning on majoring in computer science in college next year, commented on the process and effort it took to produce the app. “My group came up with the idea after visiting the Sarah Neuman nursing home and realizing that many seniors want to use more modern technology, but find it very daunting. We then got to work designing the app and what it would look like. I used Android Studio to code it.”

This hard work clearly paid off, as the “grand prize” granted the team $1,000 as well as some state-of-the-art gadgets. Most importantly, their app will soon be featured in the app store for public use.

By Hannah Lachow

Photos courtesy of Jigar Jadav


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