Times Columnist Speaks on How To Talk About Money

By Ali Steinberg

The words “Money = Feelings” were projected on a white screen in McClain Auditorium on March 3. Ron Lieber, New York Times “Your Money” columnist and author of “The Opposite of Spoiled,” spoke to parents at a PTSA-organized event to discuss how to talk about money.

“Thanks for choosing me over the circus show on your TV tonight,” Mr. Lieber opened, referencing the Fox News Republican Presidential Debate that night.

Mr. Lieber described how his family’s economic instability inspired him to write about money. When he became college-age, his family met with a financial aid advisor, who helped his family “[look] as needy as we were without going over the line,” Mr. Lieber said.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree at Amherst College and working a few jobs in journalism, Mr. Lieber had an interview at The Wall Street Journal, during which one interviewer stated, “Your beat is beating the system.”

Addressing the affluence of Larchmont and Mamaroneck and the taboo of talking about socio-economic status and money, Mr. Lieber mentioned that parents should discuss their decision to live in this town and give their children financial responsibility.

Before opening the discussion to a Q&A, Mr. Lieber concluded with that if families talk more about money, “your family will be values-rich.”



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