Sculpting “Sad People”

Bonadonna showcases powerful ceramics

Photo courtesy of Lazaro Rabanales

By Ali Steinberg

A Mamaroneck High School senior passionate about music and art, Luke Bonadonna talked with The Globe to discuss his involvement with clay, a class in which he has created and continues to create eye-catching sculptures.

The Globe: Describe your involvement with clay, both at MHS and in other programs.

Luke Bonadonna: I took Introduction to Clay in my junior year and then Intermediate Clay this year. I switched into AP Clay a couple of weeks into the school year because I just wanted to make head sculptures. I also took a figure sculpting class at FIT over the past summer.

TG: When did you first become interested in clay and ceramics? What sparked your interest?

LB: I first became interested in clay in elementary school because clay is fun to play with and such. That’s still one of the reasons I like it. I didn’t start taking it seriously until I took Intro to Clay though.

TG: Who, or what, has been most influential in shaping you as a potter?

LB: Mr. Dollar and my professor from FIT were obviously a big part of my influences. I also find pieces I like online like everyone else.

TG: How has clay changed your outlook on the world or how you view yourself?

LB: I don’t really think clay has changed my outlook on anything. Art as a whole has helped shape me and my views, but clay is really just another medium to me.

TG: How would you describe your ceramics style?

LB: When people ask me what my AP concentration is I just say “sad people,” so I guess my style is making sad people.

TG: Who are your favorite artists, either in ceramics or otherwise?

LB: One of my favorite artists right now is Anthony Zinonos; he is a really cool collage artist.

TG: What is your favorite piece or project that you’ve done?

LB: My favorite clay piece (that I’ve made) is a bust of the weird looking guy with no eyes wearing a hat. I’m happy with how it coming out.

TG: Do you intend to pursue ceramics in college or professionally?

LB: Not really, I’m more into making and recording music.

TG: What advice can you give to other MHS artists interested in clay?

LB: Be nice to Mr. Dollar, and make things you like to make.



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