Phys Ed Teachers Triumph in Faculty Dodgeball

Photos by Hannah Kahn

By Hannah Kahn

Nothing reminds one that teachers are real people like seeing them in gym clothes. Thursday’s Student-Council event was consequently very eye-opening, as Mamaroneck High School students filled the Palmer Gym to cheer on their teachers in a good old-fashioned game of dodgeball. Continue reading “Phys Ed Teachers Triumph in Faculty Dodgeball”


A Matter of Time

By Andrew Ballard

On Oct. 7, 1998—a dry, windless Wednesday in Laramie, Wyoming—a bicyclist motored down a long country road. To his sides lay wide, open fields, and in one of them, he saw what at first glance seemed to be a scarecrow, wavering limply on the strands of twine that bound it to a ranch fence.
The figure on the fence,however, was not a scarecrow but a 21-year-old boy. He hung in a coma, burned, beaten, covered in blood and nearly dead after having been knotted to the post 18 hours before at the hands of two men he had never known. Continue reading “A Matter of Time”

Track Chases National Title

Photo courtesy of Marge McEvoy; “Clockwise from top left: Shari Rauls ’16, Ittai Rosales ’16, William Young ’15, Sam Morton ’15 and Sean Ideozu ’16 compete at the New York Section 1 Qualifier at the Armory Center for Track and Field in New York City in February.”

By Eli Lederman

The 2015-2016 season has been a historic one for the Mamaroneck High School track team. This winter, the team’s runners have dominated the competition, and broken several school records. On Feb. 21, the runners continued to build on their historic season with a strong showing at state qualifiers, which took place at The Armory in New York City. Here’s how they fared: Continue reading “Track Chases National Title”

STEM Alliance Organizes Second Annual MHS Talks

Photo courtesy of STEM Alliance: “Experts from STEM fields spoke on panels about their careers.”

By Steven Rome

Rather than looking ahead to their weekends, Mamaroneck seniors were asked to spend their Friday afternoons looking ahead much further into the future, listening to and grilling 65 experts in fields ranging from medicine to architecture to film during the second annual MHS Talks. Continue reading “STEM Alliance Organizes Second Annual MHS Talks”

Club Breaks Ground in Senegal

Photo courtesy of Simon Levinson: “Asher Soriano ’16 and Kevin Arbo ’18 lay the foundation for the Lam- baye learning center.”

By Greg Corbin

Over February break, a group of students from Mamaroneck High School’s Students for Senegal club broke out of their comfort zones and traveled to Africa. They were forced to adapt to a change in language and environment, but stood up to the challenge in order to help children in need. Continue reading “Club Breaks Ground in Senegal”

Buffalo Bound: Mamaroneck Hockey Moves on to State Semifinals

Photos courtesy of

By Talia Land

Compared to the stellar 5-1 win in the sectional champion- ship, the first ten minutes of play in the New York State Regional Ice Hockey Final did not look good for the Mamaroneck Tigers. The Massena Red Raiders were off to a much quicker start, peppering goalie Tommy Spero ‘17 with 13 shots in the opening frame. The puck was mostly in the Tigers’ defensive end and their style of play was messier than the normally crisp approach fans have become accustomed to. “We had a tough time in the beginning of the game matching their physical play and breaking the puck out, but once we got into the rhythm of things, we were flying,” Senior captain Jason Bienstock 16’ said. Continue reading “Buffalo Bound: Mamaroneck Hockey Moves on to State Semifinals”

The Importance of Kendrick Lamar

Photo courtesy of

By Sebastian De Lasa

Kendrick Lamar limps to center stage. He is in front of a chain gang, surrounded by a dark stage. The stage resembles a jail. When he opens his mouth, he lights a fire under America.  Continue reading “The Importance of Kendrick Lamar”

Shakespeare Players Premiere “Romeo” and “Much Ado”

By Katherine Heaney

The Mamaroneck Shakespeare Players performances of “Much Ado About Nothing” and “Romeo and Juliet” will take place March 8 through 13 in the Hommocks auditorium. This year marks the 42nd season for the company. Students auditioned for the shows in June and have been rehearsing since December. The casts began by rehearsing two hours a day, two days a week which has since escalated to upwards of six hours a day, six days a week. Continue reading “Shakespeare Players Premiere “Romeo” and “Much Ado””

How to Make the Best Matzo Ball Soup

Food courtesy of Food Network

By Emma Gottsegen

Every food has a history, but not many foods have a history like matzo ball soup. Each year, millions of Jews share in the celebration of Passover—the holiday commemorating the liberation of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt. The Passover meal, known as the Seder, is about remembering Jewish history and retelling the story of the Jews. Matzo, which is eaten for eight days in place of any grain or bread items, represents the unleavened bread the Jews ate while fleeing Egypt. Continue reading “How to Make the Best Matzo Ball Soup”

Fuller House Reboots Old Classic

By Sam Lurie

Nostalgia for the good old days of television manifests itself in several ways: the heartrending thought of not hearing Urkel of “Family Matters” ask, “Did I do that?” along with the tears shed over the lack of any “Friends” reunion. Fortunately, the pain should slightly subside knowing that “Fuller House” is now on Netflix. Continue reading “Fuller House Reboots Old Classic”

Literary Magazine Showcases Creative Writing Talent

By Gabby Tucciarone

In February, Mamaroneck’s literary magazine, Calliope, published its winter issue, the first of the school year.

The 2016 winter issue included a beautifully written series of short stories about a lovable and angelic character known as Baby May, created by senior editor Anna Helms ’16. It also included drawings and a poem known as “Translucent” by Angelica Santarsiero ’18, which describes fear in its most pure and innocent form. The winter issue can be picked up in the library. Continue reading “Literary Magazine Showcases Creative Writing Talent”

Sculpting “Sad People”

Bonadonna showcases powerful ceramics

Photo courtesy of Lazaro Rabanales

By Ali Steinberg

A Mamaroneck High School senior passionate about music and art, Luke Bonadonna talked with The Globe to discuss his involvement with clay, a class in which he has created and continues to create eye-catching sculptures. Continue reading “Sculpting “Sad People””

The Globefather: Bob Sacamano

“Advice you can’t refuse”

Dear Globefather,

Recently, I was introduced to a friend of a friend whom I hit it off with, and after spending sometime together he offered me some gum. I tried some, and it was pretty good. Turns out it’s from Chinatown and easy to get. This guy sees that I liked it so now he keeps driving back and forth to Chinatown to buy me cases of it. How do I tell him to stop? Continue reading “The Globefather: Bob Sacamano”

Math Team Has the Power

By James Anderson

Mamaroneck High School’s Math Team is thriving with students eager to explore the art of problem-solving through competition.

The club has about 15 members, goes to six math meets annually. Teams from throughout Westchester attended the last meet, which was held in White Plains. Continue reading “Math Team Has the Power”

Times Columnist Speaks on How To Talk About Money

By Ali Steinberg

The words “Money = Feelings” were projected on a white screen in McClain Auditorium on March 3. Ron Lieber, New York Times “Your Money” columnist and author of “The Opposite of Spoiled,” spoke to parents at a PTSA-organized event to discuss how to talk about money. Continue reading “Times Columnist Speaks on How To Talk About Money”

Existential Riddles

By Emma Kaneti

What is the longest word in the dictionary?

Smiles, because there’s a mile between each ‘s.’

Will thinks of all the leagues of girls with beautiful smiles whom he’s been miles away from getting. Will considers an outlet for his built up desperation and self- hatred: screaming “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis” at the remorseless dictionary. Continue reading “Existential Riddles”

More Zzzs, Please

By Sophia Glinski

Hearing the beeping of her alarm clock, she groggily reaches out a hand trying to find the off button. She lets her head fall back to the pillow. Forcing herself to sit up, she flips on the light, the brightness of the room a harsh awakening. She drags herself out of bed and stumbles downstairs, her eyes heavy and swollen. All she wants to do is climb back into her cozy bed. Resisting the temptation, she continues to get ready for school. Continue reading “More Zzzs, Please”