Seeing the World Through a Different Lens

By Ali Steinberg

Dori Jacobson is a senior at Mamaroneck High School. Throughout middle school and high school, she has devoted herself to learning about photography and has taken several award-winning photos. Jacobson met with The Globe to discuss her passion.
The Globe: Describe your involvement with photography and art at MHS.
Dori Jacobson: At MHS, I have taken classes in photography for four years, studio art for two years, ceramics for one year, graphic design for one year, and art history for one year. I have also been involved in many school projects including “Impressions” (the school’s photography magazine), “The Mahiscan”, (yearbook), professional studio projects, the school’s beautification project and MHS STEM Alliance as student photography leader.

TG: What photography programs have you done outside of school? Are there any particular programs that stand out to you?
DJ: Photography has always been something of great meaning for me–until this summer, I didn’t really know why. I had the fortunate opportunity of traveling to India with a select group of photography students through National Geographic. We studied the methods of documentary photographers and had the chance to test them out ourselves. The expedition taught me more about myself–as a photographer and as a person–than I could have ever


Featured photography by Dori Jacobson ’16

TG: What photography awards have you received?
DJ: I was an awarded finalist of “Photographer’s Forum” Magazine, sponsored by Nikon, three years in a row. One of my photographs was awarded “Editor’s pick,” and was featured in The New York Times “Lens” Blog. I also received an honorable mention from Drexel University College of Media Arts and Design two years in a row.

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TG: How has photography changed your outlook on the world?
DJ: Personally, I believe that photography has a lot to do with our subconscious, and therefore our ‘hidden’ thoughts and/or beliefs are what influence us the most.
TG: Who are your favorite photographers?
DJ: This is definitely a dangerous question to ask; I don’t think I’d ever stop talking if you didn’t let me. There is a ridiculous amount of photographers I admire. Several favorites include Steve McCurry, Ed Kashi, David Alan Harvey and Gerd Ludwig.

Featured photographer Dori Jacobson ’16

TG: What is your favorite project that you’ve done?
DJ: For my AP Photography Concentration, I chose to focus on the seamless interaction between individuals and their environment and how that relationship allows them to subconsciously frame themselves. I really love this body of work because of the message it reveals.
TG: Do you indend to pursue photography in college or professionally?
DJ: I’ll be studying photography and graphic design in college and am working my hardest to pursue it professionally too.
TG: What advice can you give to other MHS photographers?

DJ: I think that the only advice someone needs to be successful– in any aspect of life–is to have determination and drive. I can’t express the amount of passion I have for photography, but I think that the frustration I have for the lack of ability to explain my passion has just driven me to go after what I want even more. If you want something, go get it, and don’t ever stop until you do.


All photos courtesy of Dori Jacobson. Download without written permission is prohibited.



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