Where to Go for Your Joe

By Julia Shapiro and Sofia Kaminski

This month, we had the daunting task of drinking coffee (Gasp!) It was a trying endeavor, but we have done our very best to give you a report on the best coffees around town. Whether you prefer your coffee strong or light, bitter or sweet, we hope to find the perfect coffee for you.

La Parisienne:

Price: $3.45 (keep in mind that the prices are for small sizes)

Location: 2116 Boston Post Rd., Larchmont, NY

We walked in, welcomed by a blast of warm air and the scent of the fresh pastries so neatly lined up in the display case. Our lattes came quickly, and we were excited to try them. We hoped that they would b just as delicious as their outstanding baked goods. However, we were a bit disappointed. The coffee, though warm and cozy, was bland and a bit watery. Next time, we’ll stick to the croissants.

Rating: 3 globes


Price: $1.83

Location: 2 Chatsworth Ave., Larchmont, NY

We’re always excited to return to this relaxed location, but this time we looked beyond the lemon bars, and were excited by what we found. Their coffee was lighter than expected, and had a wonderful sweet undertone. The atmosphere was welcoming, and we were able to enjoy our coffees, sitting by the window.

Rating: 4 globes

East Avenue Café:

Price: $2.00

Location: 2 East Ave., Larchmont, NY

This obscure little shop is concealed down a one way alley, but we would absolutely consider it a hidden treasure. This coffee is a delicious blend of tastes: strong and flavorful, without being overly bitter. A packet of sweetener makes this coffee better than any alarm clock.

Rating: 5 globes


Price: $3.50

Location: 1932 Palmer Ave., Larchmont, NY

With 50’s diner decor, this is a pleasant place to relax and read the newspaper (a. k. a. The Globe). At first glance, our lattes appeared enticing, but first looks can be deceiving. This coffee was a little watered down and carried a bitter, unsatisfying bite. However, as you may have noticed, we have a bit of a sweet tooth, so this coffee may be more suited to someone who can withstand sharper coffees.

Rating: 2.5 globes

Harbor House:

Price: $1.75

Location: 1927 Palmer Ave., Larchmont, NY

If your wallet is a little lighter than you’d like, this may be the perfect spot for you. We were welcomed with big smiles to a booth in the back, inviting us to sit back and enjoy. Our coffees came almost immediately, steam pouring out of them in an appetizing manner. We found the coffees to be good, but still subpar. Our first impression was that it was rather flat, but sip by sip, we got used to the flavor and realized that it had a delightful aftertaste. Overall, not a standout, but still worth trying.

Rating: 4.5 globes


Price: $2.15

Location: 26 Chatsworth Ave., Larchmont, NY

The strongest of the bunch, this coffee will make your taste buds stand on end. For anyone who prefers their coffee with an intense and rich nature, we strongly advise you to give this place a try. We would also recommend a quick look at the menu before your days out. The pancakes are not to be missed.

Rating: 3.5 globes


Price: $2.50 (plus tax)

Location: 130 Chatsworth Ave., Larchmont, NY

This relatively new addition to Larchmont is sure to stay. We stepped in, delighted to have seen that there were already custo ers inside, reassuring us that this would be a worthy bet. Boy, were they right. The simplistic yet modern decorations made us feel as if we were in a high-end New York City coffee shop. We were excited to hear that it›s coffee was freshly ground in store, and you can definitely taste the difference. It was light on the tongue, yet bursting with flavors that filled the body

with a soothing warmth. Though it may be the new kid on the block, we know it will soon become the most popular.

Rating: 5 globes

Next time you’re thinking about getting your venti soy, non- fat, caramel latte macchiato with whipped cream from Starbucks, think again. The coffee shops listed have cheaper, tastier coffee, and overall better choices.

Photos courtesy of Lazaro Rabanales



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