Hereditary Affiliation

Too many high-schoolers are relying on their parents for political views

By Lily Ransom

If I were to ask everyone I know whom they’re going to vote for in the upcoming election, none of the responses would be backed by facts. Of course, there are many people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to politics, but most people I know would just answer with some Democrat’s name and leave it at that. I want to know the reason behind these confident, yet so undereducated, answers.

My hypothesis is that most students strongly base their political opinions on those of their parents. In fact, a recent Globe survey found that 43 percent of students get their information about political issues primarily from their parents. They defend their opinions very ferociously, as if they were their own, but they probably have no idea what they’re talking about.

In my experience, it is very difficult to have a political conversation with someone my age because all people do is tell me how wrong and backward I am because I hate Hillary Clinton. Then sometimes I ask them why they like Clinton. What has she done? Or what has Obama done that’s been helpful? Then these people answer with something that they hope sounds intelligent, or maybe they even avoid the question altogether and focus on how dumb I am because I don’t have the same political views as them.

I’ve noticed that when people do try to support their opinions, it mostly sounds like they’re defending themselves instead of telling me why they like a certain candidate. I just don’t think you need to defend your point. You need to prove it.

People like to copy and follow their parents’ views because those are the opinions by which they’re surrounded. They grew up listening to their parents, so why stop now? Also, kids may be subconsciously influenced by their parents more than they think. As much as kids don’t like listening to their parents, they unknowingly defend their parents’ opinions with ferocity.

People need to start thinking more for themselves! We are all independent people, and I know that not everyone has the same opinions as their parents.

Everyone is going to have to make their own decisions someday when they’re adults, so why not start now?

Artwork courtesy of Steven Rome


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