Bond to Overhaul P.E. Facilities Passes Easily

By Matthew Albert

On Jan 12, the Mamaroneck community gathered to vote on a $9.3 million bond for proposed renovations of the Mamaroneck High School athletic facilities, which include the remodeling of boys and girls locker rooms, the expansion of basement facilities in the Palmer wing and the addition of several new instructional areas and “team rooms.” The bond passed with 87 percent of the 1037 votes.

“The large margin in which this bond passed reflects a true collaborative effort between the district, Board of Education, all of our PTAs … Key Communicators group and local community organizations that helped us get the word out,” wrote the district’s Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Shaps. “It also signifies to me that the work we have put in over the past several years to build community members’ trust in us as good stewards of taxpayer money is paying off.”

The renovations–the primary purpose of which is to upgrade the health and safety standards of P.E. teaching spaces–are set to begin in May 2017 and be completed by October 2017. The district has been working with LAN Associates, an architecture firm, to finalize blueprints for the projects and will work with district contractors to set the plans in motion.

The most major aspect of the renovations is the plan to break down the walls between the wrestling room, fitness room and weight room in the Palmer building basement in order to form a large, indoor turf gym, a new multi-purpose fitness room and a fitness studio, which will include spin-bikes and other new equipment. Both spaces will be used for P.E. classes, and the turf area will have two indoor batting cages for the baseball and softball teams. The current wrestling room, as a result, will move from the Palmer building to the Post building.

The renovations will also add showers to the locker rooms, more water fountains and new storage areas to the school.

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