The Globefather: Glued-To-My-Phone

“Advice you can’t Refuse”

Dear Globefather,

I was recently self-diagnosed with cell phone addiction, and I’m searching for a cure. I’ve completed the first step by admitting to myself that I have a problem, but I am unsure of what to do next. Any advice on how to quit cold turkey?

Sincerely, Glued-to-my-Phone

Dear Glued-to-My-Phone,

It’s not uncommon for our phones to become extensions of our arms. Living in this day and age, we can do anything we want on our phones, and because of this, we’ve become dependent on them. Don’t fret though! There are ways to escape the iPhone’s powerful hypnosis.

The best way to escape is to treat your iPhone as if it were an actual phone. Delete all of your games and useless apps that you’ve only used once . Let’s be honest, we only play games on our phone when we are bored or when we want to avoid talking to those around us. By deleting games and other unnecessary apps, you will force yourself to make more of an effort in the “real world,” and, after a little while, you will be less likely to want to look at your phone.

Next, delete your social media apps (this is the hard part). For the most part, you can access a lot of social media sites from a com- puter. By deleting these apps on your phone, you will be restoring its intended use, phone calls and text messages only. You will have fewer notifications to check, and you’ll spend progressively less time on your phone.

Once your iPhone retreats to its “natural state,” you will won’t notice yourself glancing down at your phone as frequently as you did before. You will learn to talk to people around you rather than resorting to the safety of Candy Crush or Cut The Rope. It’ll even be liberating. No longer will you be bothered by the looming anxiety of Instagram likes and who saw your Snapchat story. I know it’s an odd concept, but it’s time to use your phone as a phone, not as a need companion that attaches itself to you like a barnacle.

Yours Truly,


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