In Larchmont, Something’s Fishy

By Gabby Tucciarone

Fjord is a new fish store in town, located at 134 Chatsworth Ave in Larchmont. This is a chain store with 4 other locations in places like New Canaan, Westport, Greenwich and Darien. They don’t just serve great sushi; they also have a full line of high quality fish. Although they are known for their rolls, their fish is also amazing. Though this article focuses on their sushi in particular, it is renowned for different types of fish from all around the country.

The question is, is the Fjord sushi really worth the big bucks? When I went online and looked at their catalogue I was ecstatic to find different types of this Japanese delicacy. Sadly, my expectations were set too high because they only had three types of sushi out when I went. California rolls, Spicy tuna rolls and Shrimp Tempura rolls were sitting in the lonely showing case waiting for me. I plucked up all three and decided to see if they were worth the $24 I was forced to spend on them.

California Roll: The California roll had a smooth texture with- out the fishy aftertaste. The entire roll contained crabmeat, cucum- bers and avocado. The crab meat was extremely fresh and wasn’t too overpowering to my pallet. The use of brown rice in the roll gave it a new and unique flavor compared to bland white rice. The avocado to cucumber ratio was unsatisfactory; I got a huge chunk of avocado, way more avocado than the crab meat, with barely a sliver of cucumber.

Rating: 4 1/2 globes

Spicy Tuna Roll:

The Spicy tuna roll wasn’t bland at all, a nice change from the normal cardboard flavored Spicy tuna rolls I have had at other markets. My only complaint would be that it was a little too spicy. The spiciness hits you about thirty seconds after eating it; once you taste it, you are guzzling down water like a madman. If you are a fan of spice, it’s a pleasant surprise. It’s the kind of spice that clears your sinuses and wakes you up like a good slap in the face. The entire piece was rolled tightly which stopped any of the parts from flying out. This also showed they appreciated the logistics the consumer would be forced to face while eating their food.

Rating: 4 globes

Shirp Tempura: This roll was amazing! It had avocado, cucumber, crabmeat, and a crunch garnish. They did not explain what was in the crunch, but it was life altering and epiphany inducing. It was the perfect amount of spicy, salty with a crisp texture. In addition, the mixture of crabmeat and shrimp, which sounded horrible and quite problematic, tasted like a merengue in my mouth. It was an explosion of flavor. The ratio of cucumber to avocado wasn’t perfect, but I still highly recommend it.

Rating: 5 globes

Each sushi dish cost around 8 dollars which is pricy, but if you are in the mood for some good quality sushi come to Fjord. The sushi was prepared right in front

of you, which is a nice surprise for a store selling fish. It was much better than store bought sushi usu- ally is. It may have even been better than some restaurants that actually sell sushi. The fish was extremely fresh especially its Tuna. I recom- mend this market to sushi lovers everywhere.

Photos by Lazaro Rabanales


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