Anything Goes at Mamaroneck High School

By Sophia Howard

This year, the Mamaroneck High School musical, “Anything Goes,” is playing throughout the last weekend of February, and it is not something you want to miss. “Anything Goes” is a story of the passengers aboard a ship, the S.S. American, on a voyage from New York to England. It is a musical full of big numbers, love triangles and a lot of tapping sailors. The cast has been working hard these past few weeks in rehearsal in preparation for the big weekend. Julia Lehman ’17, a dance captain for the show described the process as, “crazy—we’ve been practicing almost every day of the week, even going to multiple times a day…but everyone is having so much fun and it it’ll all be worth it.”

This is the second year that the school musical is open to all grades. In the past, the musical was exclusively open to seniors. Now the cast is composed of members ranging from all grades. The cast is truly diverse. All members are able to demonstrate their talent. “I think one of the best parts about the musical” Julia continued, “is that it often features people that you never would have expected to see in the show and they really so talented.”

You better mark your calendars now because “Anything Goes” is coming up soon. Come support and see MHS students of all ages demonstrate their talent on stage where “anything goes.”

Photo by Lazaro Rabanales: “The cast of this year’s musical, “Anything Goes,” in rehearsal”


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