5 Things to Do Over Your Staycation

By Mary McMillan

1. Relax

Unwind for a few days. Give yourself a second to breathe. Enjoy being away from school. Stay in bed and watch Netflix or don’t wake up until 3:00. If you’re less lazy and more of an intellect, you could read a favorite book or a new book. If nature is your thing, go on a walk or an early morning run.

2. Have a film fest

Grab some friends and have your own film festival. You could watch a different movie at a different house each night. You could also have a binge festival, in which you watch an entire movie series or all the seasons of a show in one day.

3. Travel in the neighborhood

Burden your friends parents by staying at a different friend’s house each night. Consider each house like a hotel. Enjoy the fixed sleeping arrangement and scenery that is very similar to yours, but a little different. The perk is spending time with your friend.

4. Get a summer job now

Spruce up your resume and look for summer jobs. Swipe them from the oblivious vacationers. You’ll already have a job when everyone else is freaking out.

5. Catch up

We’ve all let some homework go unfinished as the second quarter came to an end. At least spend one day doing homework that you ignored, like those past 6 chapter outlines for APUSH. The future you will thank you.

Photo courtesy of cpsobsessed.com


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