Senior Named Intel Semifinalist for Impressive Work in Chemical Engineering

By Hannah Lachow

The Intel Science Talent search is one of the most prestigious science competitions out there for high schoolers. Around 1,800 distinguished applicants submitted their original science projects, and Griffin Williamson ’16 was selected for his remarkable work in chemical engineering.

Williamson explained the basis of A Study of the Effects of Magnetic and Electric Fields on Expanding Janus Particle Chains, his selected research project: “The project was a study of the effects of different forces on groups of microscopic particles that might one day be used as the movement and exertion devices of nano-sized robots.”

The Intel Foundation provided Williamson with $1,000 as well as Mamaroneck High School with an additional $1,000. Although Williamson expended much time and energy on his project, he was not expecting to qualify as a semifinalist. “I was shocked to find out,” he commented. “I’ve always been interested in science, and it was great to be able to participate firsthand in the development of new technologies. Research has taught me to not just passively accept information, but rather to work to create and test ideas and make sure they are correct. I hope this award is a validation of that.”




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