Mixed Opinions After Two Years of New College Football Playoff

By George Boyle

Now that the College Football Playoff has finished its second year, there are many different opinions about whether or not it has been successful. College football’s popularity is thriving, but like anything that is new, there will always be different opinions. The new playoff system is still in its early stages and it is very normal that there would be people with complaints. Many people disagree with the fact that only four teams are selected for the Playoff. Most people agree that the old BCS system that selected two teams will not be missed, but many experts think that the four-team playoff is still not the best way to select a national champion. There are novices as well as college football analysts who want to move it to a six- or eight-team playoff. Three of the strongest teams coming out of the regular season were Stanford, Ohio State and Iowa. If they extended the playoff to six or eight teams the teams that were on the edge would have had a chance to be in the Playoff. If one were to watch the performance of Stanford in the Rose Bowl, they looked like a very strong football team. If any changes were to happen, though, they would not happen for a long time because the system is so new and any change would need extensive planning and coordination.

The New Year’s Eve games had a considerable amount of hype. Every time ESPN was on, there would be commercials advertising the Playoff. The ratings, however, did not live up to the hype, as they dropped by 19 percent from last year. ESPN and the NCAA had hoped that a kick off to the holiday weekend would capture people’s attention. The NCAA wants to own New Year’s Eve like the NFL owns Thanksgiving. Many people disagree with this decision because New Year’s Eve is a night to have fun and spend time with family and friends, and not a time for football. It did not help that the early game started in the afternoon on a Thursday, so many people were working, especially on the West Coast. Many think that the Playoff should be played on New Year’s Day, but the organizers of the major Bowl games have strong opinions on which Bowls should be played on the first day of the year. Therefore, tradition will also be a factor if any changes are proposed for the Playoff’s structure. New Year’s Eve will be on a weekend for the next few years, so hopefully this will help ratings and the games will become more of a part of people’s celebrations.

Alabama was crowned the National Champion just a few weeks ago, but people are already looking forward to next season. Nick Saban, the coach of the champion Crimson Tide, took only one day off and is already back on the recruiting trail. ESPN has already released a “way-too-early” top 25 and are already advertising who will be playing on the opening day of next season. Overall, the fans are enjoying the Playoff and it’s been viewed as a success thus far. Like all things, though, nothing is perfect, including the playoff. Going forward, it will be interesting to see if the selection committee decides to make any major changes. Only time will tell.


PHOTO COURTESY OF USATODAY.COM:  The Alabama football team celebrates its national championship win on the field.


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