Tigers Start Hot in Their Hunt for the County Center

Photo courtesy of Lonnie Webb photography: The basketball team looks fierce as they pose with their coaches.

By Matt Mason

Mamaroneck High School’s Varsity Boys’ Basketball Team is poised for yet another great season. With Coach Tyrone Carver Jr. at the helm, six returning players from last season, and an abundance of skilled newcomers, the Tigers will look to continue their winning ways after an extremely successful season last year.

The Tigers kicked off their 2015-16 campaign on a high note by defeating Sleepy Hollow, 63- 54, on December 8. The team was led in scoring by senior guard Miles Haughton, who posted 30 points while hauling in 11 rebounds. James Manetta ‘18, Will Tuck ‘17, and Emerson Genovese ‘16 made other noteworthy contributions in this all-around impressive team win.

Besides serving as the Tigers’ first win of the season, this game held much more significance, as Coach Carver logged his 100th career win as a head coach. When asked about his accomplishment, Carver explained how, “It felt awesome to be able to get it… It felt good, as a head coach, to get my 100th win here at Mamaroneck, because Mamaroneck gave me my first opportunity as a head coach.”

This statement win over Sleepy Hollow proves that the Tigers are a legitimate playoff contender this year. Although the Tigers lack experience, many believe that they have more than enough skill to compensate. Carver specifically pointed to Haughton and Manetta for leadership during crunch time, as he said, “Miles Haughton is our best offensive basketball player and the most experienced [player] on the team… However, we [also] look to our point guard, James Manetta, to be able to make crucial decisions down the stretch of games.”

As for an overarching goal for the season, Carver clarified that, “Our goal is always to try to compete for a league title and get the best possible seed we can… We want to be one of the last four teams standing at the County Center.”


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