Ten Things to Do Over Winter Break

By Lizzie Clark

It’s hard to believe that winter break is already upon us, and whether you’re a senior getting through the final push before second semester, or a freshman who’s finally beginning to adjust to high school, winter break serves as enjoyable school-year milestone. You’ve almost made it halfway through the year! So now is a great time to try to blow off some steam and release the stress that has sunk in after the first half of the year. So, if you can find time between getting a jump-start on midterm studying, or maybe completing that one last college app, here are some fun activities that you may consider trying over this break!

1. Binge watch a new Netflix show. Whether you’re a newbie or a well-established Netflix binge watcher, school breaks always serve as the best time to get in some quality TV-watching time.

2. Go ice-skating. Grab some friends and some skates and head down to the Hommocks Ice Rink for free-skate! Feeling adventurous? Take a train into the city and go skating at Rockefeller Center or Bryant Park!

3. Try out a new recipe. Now’s the time to test that new gingerbread cookie recipe you’ve been drooling over.

4. Find the best local hot chocolate joint. If you missed last issue’s article ranking some of Larchmont’s best hot cocoa places, go out and try them for yourself!

5. See a new movie. This time of year usually produces some of the best blockbusters of the year. Take some time to go catch The Hunger Games or maybe Spotlight. You won’t regret it.

6. Gather your last minute holiday presents. Head in to town, or to the mall, and shop for friends or family. Check out this issue’s article about the best places to find your gifts!

7. Catch up on the news. Whether you get your news from The Globe, TV, or the internet, take some time this winter break to familiarize yourself with all that’s going on around the world, especially with the presidential primary coming up!

8. Build a ginger bread house. Grab some friends and some sweets and construct the ultimate ginger bread dream house this break.

9. Try out a new style. Get a haircut, change your clothes, anything that will surprise your friends when you come back to school for the New Year!

10. Start your New Year resolutions early! Whether it’s getting to the gym more often, or focusing on your schoolwork, it never hurts to get a jump-start on your goals!

Most importantly, take some time this break to sit back and relax, because before you know it it’ll be midterm season!


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