Shopping Local for the Holidays

By Camryn Cohen and Sam Master

It’s December, the month of giving and receiving. Everyone wants to give the people they love presents that they deserve and finding the perfect presents can be one of the hardest things you’ll do all month. We went all around Larchmont and found some of the best gifts to give this holiday season!

Gifts for girls

1. LOLO pouches from Pink on Palmer ( small- $24, large- $40): With a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, these cute little pouches can store anything from makeup to sunglasses. Many of the current styles are holiday themed and they are a gift that any woman would love!

2. Kate Spade tumbler coffee cup from Pink on Palmer ($18): Festive and stylish cups are always a good purchase for any time of the year. These cups are reusable and a great way to hold your coffee or whatever beverages you use to stay warm in the winter.

3. NEST candles from Pink on Palmer ($38): Candles are a great holiday gift because they are a great way to stay cozy and warm in the cold months. These candles come in many different colors and scents that anyone would love to receive.

4. Bliss brilliant butters from Pink on Palmer ($42): These body butters are a perfect gift and a great way to get rid of dry skin, they were one of the owner’s top choices as a holiday gift.

5. Manicure certificate from a nail salon in town. Nail certificates are great presents to give to anyone! They can use it any time they want and it is a thoughtful present and a good way to support the local nail salons.

6. Kyi kyi knit fox Pom hats from Clutch ($76): These cute hats are a great present that will help keep you warm over the long winter months ahead. It comes in many different colors.

7. Small leather wristlet ($38) and Double zip wallet ($32) from Clutch: This is a very non-specific, easy gift that is hard not to like! The wallets and small leather little clutches are very simple and a great for holding money or your phone.

8. Kitsch hair ties from Clutch ($10): These inexpensive packs of nice hair ties are a great gift idea. They come in many different designs and colors.

9. KJP pave drop necklace from Clutch. ($52): This necklace is a choice that will anyone would love! Whether you want to dress it up or down, this necklace is perfect for any holiday affair.

Gifts for boys

1. Mujjo leather wallet iPhone case in black or orange ($60) from Macinspires: This nice leather case is a nice gift for someone younger or older. It is very simple, but also very well-made and something every man would want on their phone.

2. Vineyard Vines boxers ($24.50) from Mancino: Boys always need new boxers and these Vineyard Vines boxer are a great present! They come in multiple sizes and many different nice designs and colors.

3. Vineyard vines hats ($25) from Mancino: These Vineyard vines baseball caps come in many colors and are a great holiday gift for boys and men of any size!

4. Sherwood’s white long sleeved shirt ($15) from Sherwood’s: Sherwoods is a favorite restaurant around town, and a place that so many people love. This cute long sleeved shirt is a perfect gift for anyone!


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