Movies to Watch this Holiday

By Mary McMillan

It’s Christmas time, and many are getting in the spirit of the season. Lights and inflated figures are going up on houses, and Larchmont and Mamaroneck’s lampposts are decorated with wreaths and lights. Students are starting to go to Starbucks for peppermint hot chocolate and sugar cookies during their free periods. The band and orchestra are playing holiday songs, such as “Sleigh Ride.” People are starting to wear holiday sweaters, eat the season’s treats, and, most importantly, watch Christmas movies. These classic films are an essential part of the holiday season. With so many to choose from, The Globe compiled a list of the best Christmas movies.

The Christmas romantic comedies get people into the holiday spirit because everyone enjoys a love story this time of year. One of the best bringing-the-girlfriendhome-for-Christmas movies is The Family Stone. It stars Dermot Mulroney as Everett Stone, who brings Meredith Morton (Sarah Jessica Parker) to his home in Connecticut for Christmas. The movie is full of ups and downs, including the disapproval of Stone’s family, but ends with love being found in an unlikely way.

Since winter vacation is about spending time with family, watching great Christmas movies together is a fun way to spend the break. For many, It’s a Wonderful Life is the best Christmas movie of all time. The movie is about a man named George Bailey who wishes he was never born. Following this, an angel is sent to him to show him how different life would be if he was never born. This story ends in a sweet way with Bailey having a new appreciation for life and his family. Another great movie to watch together as a family is Home Alone. Macaulay Culkin plays a bratty eight year old named Kevin McCallister, who is left behind when his family takes a holiday trip to Paris. Kevin spends most of the movie tricking robbers. Home Alone is a comedy that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Christmas movies are a very important part of this season because they get everyone into the spirit of the holiday. They also bring families and friends together, whether it be laughing with your friends to Elf or enjoying the ending of It’s A Wonderful Life with your family. Watching holiday movies is a fun and festive way to enjoy the holiday, even without celebrating Christmas itself.


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