How to Avoid Peaking Freshman Year: A Will Bodkin Tragedy

Photo courtesy of Will Bodkin: Ninth grade Bodkin receives a double kiss from older girls Ryan Matt ’14 and Annelise Andre ’14. Freshmen should try to avoid such antics.

By Noah Horowitz

Freshman year is a time when students discover all that is offered at Mamaroneck High School. Many take advantage of all the opportunities and develop over their four years at MHS. Unfortunately, some have a great first year of high school, followed by three years of decline. In this article, we will learn from Will Bodkin’s high school career as an example of what not to do so that you don’t peak freshman year.

Leave room for improvement. During freshman year, Bodkin made the whole high school laugh when he “accidentally” professed his love for then-senior Joann Dibuono on Facebook. Bodkin was also voted onto Student Council and made the Junior Varsity Tennis Team that same year. Bodkin accomplished many things freshman year, but he unfortunately didn’t leave any room for improvement. Since then, his career has been a downward spiral. When you’re at the top the only place you can go is down.

Stay modest but not humble. This step is the hardest. Bodkin nearly accomplished the difficult task. He has always exuded modesty; no one has ever heard Bodkin brag about anything, which is a fantastic way to remain very well liked. However, Bodkin’s humility has led to his downfall in recent years. During freshman year, Bodkin would make jokes and make people laugh no matter whom he was with. During sophomore, junior and part of senior year, Bodkin only made jokes around his close friends. He stayed too humble around strangers, causing a large portion of MHS to forget about him.

Occasional fame is necessary. Every now and then, you want people to talk about you. Not all the time, but on occasion. For example, everyone was talking about Bodkin freshman year after his famous aforementioned Facebook post. Later during freshman year, Bodkin was praised after he hosted MHS Info once. But, since freshman year, no one has talked about him at all. Even when Bodkin hosted MHS Info for a full month as a crew member junior year, no one talked about it. Many say that Bodkin’s co-host Noah Horowitz ’16 shined brighter than Bodkin did during MHS Info, which is completely true. If you don’t want to peak freshman year, get in the limelight a little bit each year.

There is still hope for Bodkin, as well as others who have seemingly already peaked. It’s not too late to rise out of your slump back into prominence. In fact, I’m confident that Bodkin will once again be a well-liked kid here at MHS. He has all the skills it takes to do it. Unfortunately, right now, barely anyone knows who Bodkin is. When asked about Bodkin, Emma Shpiz ’16 answered, “Who is that? Oh yeah, that skinny blond kid in Student Council… Yeah, he’s kind of weird.” If Bodkin leaves room for improvement, stays modest but not humble and becomes famous once again, he can become the powerhouse he was freshman year. If not, this article will be the last time anyone talks about the former stud William Bodkin.


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