‘Love Larchmont’ Movement Aims to Revitalize Villiage

Recognizing a small town’s success and improvements can start anywhere, even through a group of local women. With almost 2,000 women, the recently formed Love Larchmont committee aims to promote flourishing businesses and hopes to fill empty storefronts throughout the town.
Larchmont’s charming environment and “small-town” feeling are what catch the eye. Local businesses, like Futtermans, Stanz, and the Voracious Reader keep Larchmont alive and support the idea of local shopping rather than encouraging shopping at larger stores. By selling 10538 magnets,
Love Larchmont recognizes the small-town shops and the importance of buying local goods. In fact, Villa Maria Pizza, Pink o
Palmer, Clutch, and Foley’s Hardware are just a few of the local stores that sell the magnets on their websites. Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 10.37.11 PM

Abbie Durkin, co-owner of Pink on Palmer and Clutch, told the Globe, “We are all looking for the same end goal…a steady business and a sustainable downtown that attracts shoppers and new businesses.” In short, Durkin is correct. New businesses are beginning to open up and Larchmont is transitioning into the town it once was. New restaurants, including Lenny’s Steakhouse, Le Sirene, Apiary, and Estancia Buenos Aires, are just some of the latest openings in the town of Larchmont. Remember how run-down Harry’s Burritos used to be after it closed? Well, Augie’s restaurant (originally located near Staples and Mrs. Green’s) is now moving to Harry’s old spot, sharing its family-style Italian food in a more central location. And the Twinkle Toes space? A burger place called MOOYAH is taking its place, offering Larchmont enjoyable burgers, shakes, and fries. Eight new businesses have come to town in the last 12 months, with more surely to come.

Good things are happening in Larchmont. The people of Larchmont share a bond that holds true for everyone – their dedication. Amy Sullivan, co-founder of Love Larchmont, says, “What is unique about Larchmont is the passion our residents have for our town.” Look out, people of Larchmont: this town will prosper and it’s not stopping anytime soon.


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